• Experienced cat containment installer

    Darren Ellis, one of the most knowledgeable UK cat containment professionals is now offering cat roll systems, quality install and materials.

    With 4 years experience as head installer for Katzecure, the biggest name in cat containment, Darren has seen every problem a garden could throw at him, yet still contained every cat!

    He is striving to bring this great product into more homes which allows for more cats to be contained whilst working closely with yourselves to ensure all aspects of your cat containment needs are met.

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    Our cat roll systems

    Our cat roll systems allow your cat freedom to roam in their own world keeping them safe from dangers outside. The elegant system works by positioning two wooden poles onto garden fence or walls. The poles operate by rotating when touched, preventing your treasured cat the “pawhold” required to climb over.


    Cat fence gallery

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