• Cat Proof Fence

      Keep your cat safe and happy at home using our cat proof fencing systems which use a pivoting topper that ensures cats cannot escape their safe environment and risk the dangers of outdoors. Darren is an expert installer of cat proof fencing and can either install free-standing fencing or add to your existing fence to make it cat proof. By commisioning a cat proof fence you are giving the cat or cats the freedom to play outside and enjoy the great outdoors within the safety of their own garden, without having to worry about their safety or risk of escape.

      If you're worried about your cat in the garden, give yourself peace of mind whilst allowing your cat to be happier outdoors by installing a cost effective cat proof fence. We've seen that by cat proofing your fence your cat could become happier and reduce behavioral issues if they want to go outside but are stuck indoors.

      Darren will beat any premium installer price whilst matching the quality finish. For a quote, contact Darren on the contact page.