How much will it cost? 

      Every garden is different in many ways, there are factors that alter the costing. We work with you to ensure the system is effective, consciously keeping the cost as low as possible.

      I have an awkward garden with obstructions, can you still contain my cats?

      • Trees
      • Sheds
      • Green houses
      • Raised flower beds

      The simple answer is yes, we can install the system around any obstructions your garden can throw at us. We have seen it all!

      We have a walled courtyard garden, can you attach the system directly to a wall?

      Yes, you do not necessarily need fences for the system to be installed. Walls, fence panels and even chainlink fencing

      How do I get a quote?

      If you fill in your contact details on the enquiry page, we will get in contact with you shortly. In the mean time, you could take pictures as well as taking the measurements of the garden and making notes of any trees or any other potential “perch” points. All the extra information can aid to a speedy quote.