• About Darren

      Darren Ellis has been head installer for Katzecure for the past 4 years. Working directly with the inventor Andrew Farmer to over time constantly improve the install process, the design of the system, as well as travelling around the UK installing.

      Darren prides himself on offering the full cat containment package, being the proud owner of 5 (one being very agile) cats himself, he knows how they think and as such his team bring this ethos to work.

      With 4 years experience as head installer for Katzecure, the biggest name in cat containment, Darren has seen every problem a garden could throw at him, yet still contained every cat!

      Watching a cat be let outside for the first time is an amazing experience and we will never get bored of seeing how each individual cat behaves when the door is opened.

      Our goal is not just to install the system, our goal is to give your precious cats safe freedom and at the same time allowing you to dramatically change how you live your home life!